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You decided to have one of the real estate options that we offered to you. How does buying process function?

If you decided and the entire bargaining procedures are competed and agreed on the final price, we take action for buying the real estate. First, we check from the related municipality if there is any debt or any situation which may prevent the sales on the real estate. If there is no problem, down payment in the rate of 5% of the value of the real estate is collected and transferred to the seller within the scope of official contract to initiate the procedure. To prevent any legal problems between parties, the sales contract drawn up by our legal department is mutually signed by the parties. After this point, we initiate transactions for transfer of the title deed. As Buy Homes Istanbul team, we ensure that you carry out you works in the fastest manner without any problems. We complete procedures by going to the title deeds office only for signature without waiting.

For title deed transactions, we make an appointment at the Title Deeds and Cadastre Directorate and prepare your documents on your behalf. We go the related department on the appointment date and time and parties sign documents mutually after the buying and selling tax in the rate of 4% is paid and transfer of title deed is completed with the payment between parties.


Drawing up of contracts carefully by our legal department in buying and selling transaction.


Making necessary preparation for the title deed and getting the title deed quickly from the Title Deeds Office.


Making the money transfer between parties based on the value of the real estate.


Concluding the buying and selling transaction of the real estate without giving rise to any legal problems.

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