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With our specialized team and reliable solution partners, we manage the entire process in a transparent manner for you.

How to Buy Property in Turkey ?

Your investment is safe with us

We provide all constitutionally-protected when making real estate investment.

In completed buildings, we do not buy and sell buildings without occupancy permit.

You do not have a risk in relation to whether the project will be completed, because we sell the properties of reliable organizations which have building completion insurance and provide title deed insurance.

Contracts are signed at the notary public and registered in the title deed.

Buy Homes Istanbul

Suitable Profit

Due to the decreasing prices in Turkey currently, it reduced to 12-15 years profit like Germany. This creates a perfect environment for buying real estate.

Suitable Increase in Value

Real estates are currently below their value, but due to increasing Euro and decreasing Turkish Lira, Turkey and especially İstanbul is the perfect place for investment. A flat which could be bought for 100.000 Euros last year can be bought for 50.000 Euros now.

Real Estate Management

We have competent and reliable management services and subsidiaries for monitoring the places you buy, whether the rents are paid by the tenant, controlling the physical condition of the house, signing rental contracts together with our lawyers and monitoring the deposit of rents to your accounts.

Tax Management

Our tax experts decide whether the real estate will be bought in your name or company’s name or real estate investment fund. Thus, they can enable you to buy the real estate without any tax problems and manage it without paying any purchase, sales, rent or trade tax.


Choose Istanbul for a new life!

As the most developed city in Turkey, Istanbul is not only the favourite of Turkish people but also of other nations with its social opportunities, natural beauties, historical beauties, quality of life and the potential it creates.

Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Turkey is taking firm steps forward towards becoming a European Union member by completing all of the compliance criterias. Turkish citizenship is gaining appeal thanks to the positive acceleration that the process has gained after the statements made by the EU members and Turkish authorities.

“We know that the most important feature in the real estate sector is to create trust. Therefore, we create this trust by providing a simple and transparent purchasing process at every step.”

Buy Homes Istanbul
“The process of getting a house in Istanbul starts with the determination of value. After the determination of the value is made according to certain methods, the decision to be taken is decided. Location, landscape, social facilities, activity facilities etc. The evaluation of the real estate is done by us and reliable data are presented to you. After the process, credit and finance consultancy, notary transactions, follow up of the deed transactions and payment processes continue. At this point, our expert staff and solution partners provide full and reliable support in legal and legal processes.”

Our Services


Determining the rightest real estate and preparing options in accordance with your needs and investment decisions.


You decided to have one of the real estate options that we offered to you. How does buying process function?


Renting the real estate after sales and monitoring the rent. And interior decoration services for affordable prices by means of contractors for internal decoration of the real estate.

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Why Invest in Turkish Property?

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