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In this project stage consisting of 762 residences; 100 thousand square meters office, 20 thousand square meters home office, 22 thousand square meters store area and 3 thousand 700 car parking is located. Located on a total area of ​​424 thousand square meters, Vadistanbul project has a land area of ​​74 thousand square meters.


Payment options

In this project, the housing units are eligible for bank loans.


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This project will make 35 percent premium

This project, the last stage of Vadistanbul, the symbol project of the Turkish construction sector, was put on sale on Tuesday, February 9 at the Çırağan Palace. The project, which had been pre-demanded for a while, received intense interest. 23 percent of the project was sold before the launch.

Turkey’s first private metro Within the project, a 934-meter line will be built by havaray Vadistanbul investors and will connect to the city’s metro network havaray line project. Vadistanbul, which is expected to become the most valuable, elite and high-premium location of Istanbul by 2017, is a new city center that can offer access to all directions through the connection of TEM, Metro and the third bridge. With a construction area of ​​1 million 350 thousand square meters, the Park stage where Vadistanbul’s latest residences are located is located at a special point where green meets blue. The project, which has a unique reinforcement with Sadabad Valley covering the project, will provide a unique living space with walkways, cafes and restaurants around the creek. Total construction size and 2,Istanbul and Turkey’s image in the world makes a major contribution to the real estate market.

3 + 1 and 4 + 1 apartments are concentrated in this project 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 5 + 1 apartment options are also offered. In the project, the unit prices in the period of the launch was announced as an average of 9 thousand TL. Artaş Construction Chairman Suleyman Cetinsaya said at a press conference that the project will make a 35 percent premium in delivery. Unit price per square meter is expected to rise to 12 thousand 500 TL. Çetinsaya; “We had a customer base waiting for this project for a long time. We can say that we have received serious demands. The most important privilege of this stage; When the deliveries started, all the equipments in the Boulevard stage of Vadistanbul became operational and became a living city center. Ayazağa region where we have located our project with Vadistanbul, Büyükdere Street, İstiklal Street and Nişantaşıwill be an alternative to such attraction centers. This is the intersection of all the transportation axes of Istanbul. Adjacent to the TEM Motorway, the third ring road is very close to the airport and the bridge. Vadistanbul will be a project that will form the new face of Ayazağa region, which has gained great importance with this position. ”

In recent days, there was a significant improvement on Vadistanbul’l area among the largest real estate projects in Turkey. Aydınlı Group, one of the partners of Vadistanbul, one of the biggest mixed projects of the project, announced that it has left the partnership.


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  • Ülke: Türkiye

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