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Turkey is taking firm steps forward towards becoming a European Union member by completing all of the compliance criterias. Turkish citizenship is gaining appeal thanks to the positive acceleration that the process has gained after the statements made by the EU members and Turkish authorities.

The new 250,000 USD real estate purchase regulation of the law concerning Turkish citizenship made it a lot more convenient for the foreign investors. This opened the doors for the European union, and real estate investment in a reasonable price. The decisions taken in the Reform Action Group meeting, held by competent Turkish authorities reveal that Turkey’s EU membership process is about to be concluded.

  • Provide the regulations to remove Turkey from European council’s supervision
  • Open the 24th article themed “Justice, Freedom and Security Regulations”
  • To update the legal reform

In the final period in which Turkey turned its political organs towards European Union, Turkey and EU seem to be getting along well. This shows us that the process will shorten even more. The newly opened articles show that the process is coming to its end. With Turkish citizenship becoming a European Union opportunity, the investors are becoming more interested in the Turkish real estate market.


The political will has activated all of the governments organs and created a EU Ministry during the EU membership process, and now legal regulations the process is gaining speed. During the process, Ankara has made some regulations that make Turkish citizenship easier for foreigners. The 1.000.000 USD real estate investment condition was changed to 250.000 USD. This big step, there have been lots of regulations in the legal infrastructure to ensure the arrival of foreign investors.


The UK Brexit process, one of the biggest agenda topics of the last period, is one of the most important fields in which Turkey’s EU membership process has shown its effects. Turkey’s position in the Brexit process was explicitly stated in the statement used during the promotions: “Turkey (population 76 million) is joining the EU. Vote for the exit, take over the supervision”

In the ‘Turkey’s EU membership process’ evaluation, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament Bozkır has stated that the 60-year process will continue in the same direction and emphasized that the goal is full membership.

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